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Conference 2021 Biezenmortel (NL)

Hans Euser: Introduction

Theo Visser: Discipleship is the key for church planting

Alex Ndemezo: An inspiring story

Philip Kirkland: Lessons from Southern Europe

Joost Klok: Why Alpha and how to invite people to Alpha

Theo Visser: More of the story

Rob van der Dussen: Explaining the training

Leen de Bruijne: Lessons from an entrepreneur

Adam Martin: Prayer 

Theo Visser: Dedication

Conference 2019 Athens (GR)

Opening conference 2019
Theo Visser & Giotis Kantartzis

Adam Martin: Multiplying Intercultural churches

Rob Krause: What the Biblesays about multiplication

Theo Visser & Philip Kirkland: Multiplying disciples from the nations

Hans Euser: Multiplying leaders across cultures

Conference 2018 Birmingham (UK)

Mark DeYmaz: Loving others in and through an intercultural church

Hans Euser: How can we build an intercultural team?

Theo Visser: Leadership pipeline

Theo Visser: Introduction

Mark DeYmaz: Leading others in an intercultural church

Stephen Beck: Gospel leadership

Hirpo Kumbi: The cultural intelligent leader

Sara Mohi: Leadership, Culture and Sensitivity

Conference 2017 Berlin (DE)

ICP EU Theo Visser: making discipleship of the nations in our churches practical

Horst Engelmann: mono-multicultural church transformation

Stephen Beck: the new normal: the streams that make up the Gospel river

Stephen Beck: Biblical theology why should we disciple the nations in our churches

Conference 2016 Rotterdam (NL)

Rob Krause: The Lamb stands 

Jurjen ten Brinke: Integral Mission

Stephen Beck: Missional community in an intercultural church

Eric Rufyiritana: Praying for the mission

Susan Holm: Honor and shame a cultural construct

Stephen Beck: Theology of Mission

Theo Visser: How to reach out to a variety of people?

Rob Krause: Theology of worship 

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