_01In Songs2Serve we focus on songs that originate from the cultures that our people come from. We are careful about using Contemporary Christian Music too much.

Our reward is the delight we see in the faces of our friends when they find out that we took so much effort in studying a song from his or her culture; but we find even more reward when we see the song become a tool for worshiping Jesus, for all the people of the church, when we translated it into a version that easy for all to sing. A threefold blessing!

Which songs fit the purposes of Songs2Serve:

  • Songs from a specific (non-western) culture, which are made easily available for a congregation, by translating (parts of) the song in English
  • Songs that suit different cultures, which are not commonly sung in ‘white’ churches in the west (for example: black gospel songs).
  • Songs that have been converted to suit an intercultural context (for example: changing the rhythm)
  • Secular songs that have been made suitable for use in the church (for example: adapting the lyrics).
  • New songs that have been written for use in an intercultural (urban) church