Workshops: in the Netherlands we offer days of training and possibilities for workshops.


An introduction to intercultural worship (diversity of styles, a motivational explanation, no indepth training for one specific culture, brainstorming together about the specific situation of the congregation)

A workshop focused on a certain language group, where we also invite a person that speaks that language. We practice the pronunciation, learn to play the song;

  • Arabic
  • Persian
  • Portuguese

– A  workshop program that we put together with the church, looking to the database at the website of Songs2Serve (Click here for the database)

A workshop with Davin from Burundi who mixes wonderful African music with R&B songs and contemporary songs and gives a great explanation about African music.

A workshop with Ilse Roskam, who is specialized in Klezmer/ Gypsy music,  . She has lots of experience with Latin music and is music teacher in daily life. (Click here for the FBpage of Ilse)


An evening workshop will cost 150 euro, excl BTW and travel costs, per musician. For more info and questions;

Every year we offer a day of training in which we invite experienced musicians to train churches in small groups with the songs from the website and ‘new’ songs. For more info and questions;

Click here for a photo impression of the training of Songs2Serve 2018