“I’m going fishing,” Peter said (John 21:3). You and I may not find ourselves  in a boat like Peter, but in serving the Lord we are definitely fishers, but, of men. How to catch fish? If you go fishing, cast your nets out at different levels. Focus on the coastal fishes but do not forget the deep-sea fishes! You can reach all kinds of people in different ways. Go fishing, and do it faith- and prayerfully.

In this article I want to share some helpful ways to reach those who are living without Christ in our cities:

1. Alpha

Organize an Alpha course every year. Invite newcomers to the services of your church. Church members might invite others to come to the Alpha course.

2. Missional communities

Missional communities can be places where you are able to get close to modern people. In such communities people share life together and help others to get to know Jesus.  You do not invite people to come to you, but you go to them, wherever they are.

3. Services

Target everything towards seekers in the Sunday services. People will come because of the contagious life of Jesus’ follower: the best way of advertising.

4. Lifestyle

The movement of the early Christ followers increased in number because of the lifestyle of Jesus’ disciples. Nowadays, Christians are not well-known for their lifestyle. Therefore, strife for a life that is lived in freedom to the glory of God and in service to your fellow people. A life that is shared, a life that is celebrated, a life that is lived! Some practical advices are:

  • Do not accept any hypocrisy. Address things that are not right, with whomever and wherever.
  • Continuously equip one another to live as follower of Jesus. Discuss the Sermon on the Mount, for instance. A follower of Jesus learns to live based on these teachings of Jesus.

5. Missional team

According to Ephesians chapter 4, God gives evangelists to the church. Not everyone is an evangelist, but a number of people do have evangelistic gifts. Some studies show that this pertains to 10% of all Christians. Find them, encourage them, train them and have them train others.

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