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Practical ideas

Songs2Serve wants to serve the cause of intercultural worshipping communities.. What is your next step this month to radiate diversity?

Click here for an overview of some ideas of liturgical models regarding intercultural music.

More creative ideas for a worship service:


  • Make sure that your music team is diverse and that majority-culture people don’t always have the lead
  • Co-lead the worship together with someone from another culture
  • Use foreign instruments
  • Use music tracks from varying musical styles
  • Invite a guest musician from another culture
  • Sing a well-known song with new instruments
  • Sing a song in different languages
  • Make sure that the background music is intercultural too


  • To help people in an intercultural church feel more comfortable, give people time to greet each other at the start of the meeting
  • Have meals together, perhaps a bring-and-share
  • Be creative in stimulating relationships
  • Involve the people of the church during the meeting


  • Pray for the countries your people come from
  • Have someone pray in their own language or let your own prayer be translated
  • Use different ways of prayer like: praying loudly all together- silent prayer- background music during prayer, etc.


  • During Scripture reading, have it read out in another language
  • Take care of good spelling when using another language
  • Read the Bible antiphonally
  • Practice pronunciation of a foreign language


  • Develop videos from your own church
  • Make use of visual materials that depict other cultures: pictures of the people, written language, quotes from heroes, and banners. (For example: Pictures of palms can help people from tropical climates feel at home.)


  • Different cultures have unique ways of collecting money – ask your congregation for their ideas