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Intercultural worship

This extensive kick-start takes your group on a journey through various forms of intercultural worship.


The Intercultural Worship Experience is an extensive kick-start in workshop form!

A team of musicians and experienced experts takes your group on a journey through various forms of intercultural worship. For example, think of a song in the Caribbean style that you know, or learn a new multilingual song. During this training you will receive all kinds of tools to use Intercultural worship (step by step) in the congregation. We will mainly get to work in a practical way. The Intercultural Worship Experience is tailor-made, depending on your situation.


Are you interested or do you want to know more?
There are several options for you

  • This program is for musicians, but also for churchmembers and other interested people! You can invite them all or focus on a certain group in your congregation.
  • You can order a repertoire choice that suits your congregation.
  • During this program there are different band formations and band coaching possibilities.
  • This program is also usable during a (creative) Sunday service.
  • We can come to you or you can come to us.
  • Various other options, please contact us!


Rieneke Visser
Our intercultural worship expert and dream giver of Songs2Serve. She has been involved in intercultural church planting and intercultural worship music for years. Rieneke sings and leads worship in her local team and at several other places.

Cindy de Kroon
Passionate music teacher, singer and saxophonist who enjoys worship and mission. She has a lot of experience with vocals, choir and orchestras. She has a huge love for vocals, and multilingualism.

Delbert Bernabela
Saxophonist and director of Berna Music. Delbert teaches masterclasses/workshops on saxophone and improvisation. Leader of several duo and quartet projects and he also leads the worshipbands in his church.

Get inspired to start your journey of intercultural worship together with many other friends from all over the world. 

We provide inspiration, resourcing and training materials and would love to explore the possibilities of training and coaching you and your church!

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Songs2Serve is related to Intercultural Church Plants (ICP EU). ICP EU helps starting new networks of intercultural church plants in Europe. Songs2Serve helps the local networks and churches to shape intercultural worship, with the goal that all people can meet God in the language and music of their hearts.